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Icon Royale- 51-99 Winners

Congrats and thank you to EVERYONE- voters, entrants, etc.

First Place: by abarero

Second Place: by 5254

Third Place: by abarero

Fourth Place: by selenity_rose

Fifth Place: by faintscribbles

ALL votes for all three rounds+tiebreakers have been unscreened. I will be making the banners for this theme. :)

  • Week 99 Banners

    Week 99 Banners. Please comment once you have yours.

  • InuKag_Icontest is on Hiatus

    Why the Hiatus? 1- Declining entries. The InuYasha fandom has really shrunk since I opened this contest, and as such fewer people enter. I…

  • Tiebreaker

    Please vote for your TWO FAVORITE ICONS. Voting will close after the first five votes. :) 1. 2. 3.

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