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We do not have enough icons to run this week's theme, so it will be extended 'til NEXT FRIDAY at 9 p.m. CST. Please enter up to three textless icons here by then. :)
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Week 99- Textless

Here's the new theme.


No provided images this week. The icon must just be textless. No tiny text either. :)

You may submit up to three icons.

Before you submit, please check out the 'rules' in the user info.

You have until 9 p.m. US central time on FRIDAY night to get your icons in, and at that time I'll be setting up the post. (Which will conclude on Sunday night.) If we don't have at least six icons by Friday, I'll go ahead and extend the theme.

So comment to this post (make sure you're signed in- comments will be screened.) with the following information:

Your icon submission: < img src= " url goes here " > (remove spaces)
URL of icon:
Anything else I may need to know:

Have fun everyone, and good luck. If you have any questions, feel free to ask.

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