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InuYasha x Kagome Icontest

An Icontest for Kagome x InuYasha
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Hello and welcome to inukag_icontest, a livejournal icontest community for fans of the the lead pairing Kagome/InuYasha, from the series InuYasha, who love to make icons/and or appreciate those who do make them and would like to vote on which they like best.

Every week a theme will be set forward for members to submit icons relating to Kagome/InuYasha. Members will vote via signed-in screened comments, and at the end of the voting, awards will be given for 1st - 3rd place winners, as well as moderator's choice (Assuming there are enough entrants).



1. Members must submit their icons by Friday 9PM Central. Voting will start then and conclude on Sunday at 9PM.
2. Icons must be new! Please no older icons, and we'd prefer if you made them especially for the theme. Do not post them up before the contest is over! If you do so, the entrant will have to be disqualified.
3. This is a bias free zone - so please vote honestly and sincerely. Do not vote for your own icon, and do not advertise your submission or get a group of your friends to vote for you. Let's be fair here.
4. Icons must be made from official art. Whether it's screencaps, official anime images, manga images, etc. For now we are not allowing icons made from fanart or cosplay photos. However, if you have a doujinshi scan you'd like to use and can properly credit the circle (Aka: Scan from Sakura Seirou), then you may use them.
5. Proper credit must be given in the keywords if you wish to take one of the icons submitted here for personal use. Also, make sure you ask the icon maker directly for permission.
6. Icons must have the word or a derivitive of the word used as a theme if it is a word theme. If the theme is "Love," it must be on the icon - whether as just "love" or "Lover," "loved," etc. If it is a picture theme than you must use the pictures provided and only them. Other stipulations will be presented according to the assigned theme.
7. Icons must fit livejournal criteria - 100x100 pixels or less and no more than 40 KB.
8. The icons must feature both Kagome and InuYasha. No other characters will be allowed unless specified otherwise for a specific theme. In some themes, you'll be offered the chance to do icons of the characters individually.
9. You may submit two icons unless otherwise specified.
10. Animations, brushes, effects, etc are welcome unless I say otherwise.
11. Have fun and may the best icons win!



Once the theme is given (On Friday night once the voting is posted up), you have until Friday at 9PM to get your submissions in. Comment to the specified post (Comments will be screened so be sure to sign in when submitting, anonymous comments will be ignored) with this information:

< img src= " url goes here " > (Remove Spaces)
URL of icon:
Anything else needed to know:



Voting will take place from Friday to Sunday. Members of the community will comment to the screened comments post. Make sure to have your votes in by the 9PM EST on Sunday. Any member is allowed to vote! Whether you're an icon maker or just someone who loves Kagome/InuYasha icons. Do not vote for your own icons.



Banners will be awarded to all three places weekly, and the winning icon will be set as the community's default icon for that week. If you have any questions or suggestions please let the main moderator (haro) know. I want this community to be able to please everyone involved as well as being an enjoyable experience. So if you have anything to say please speak up!







Go visit our HALL OF FAME!

Week 01 // Love
Week 02 // Seeing Double
Week 03 // Trust
Week 04 // Lyrical
Week 05 // Destiny
Week 06 // Kiss
Week 07 // Episode Fifty-Eight
Week 08 // Pain
Week 09 // Together
Week 10 // There for Me
Week 11 // Blush
Week 12 // You're Not From Here (Lyrical)
Week 13 // Smile
Week 14 // "Aoki Yase o Daite"
Week 15 // Forever
Week 16 // The Perfect Love
Week 17 // Time
Week 18 // Favorite Scene
Week 19 // All I Ask of You (Lyrical)
Week 20 // Life
Week 21 // Protect
Week 22 // Episode Ninety
Week 23 // Tomorrow
Week 24 // Believe
Week 25 // Devotion
Week 26 // Moment
Week 27 // Love Will Find a Way (Lyrical)
Week 28 // Past Icons
Week 29 // Heart
Week 30 // Textless
Week 31 // Episode Forty-Eight
Week 32 // Innocence
Week 33 // Dream
Week 34 // Collide (Lyrical)
Week 35 // Kagome Centric
Week 36 // Home
Week 37 // Inuyasha Centric
Week 38 // Tatta Hitotsu no Yakusoku (Lyrical)
Week 39 // Embrace
Week 40 // Toki o Koeru Omoi (1st Movie)
Week 41 // You're Still You (Lyrical)
Week 42 // Human InuYasha x Kagome
Week 43 // Hope
Week 44 // Promise
Week 45 // Glory of Love (Lyrical)
Week 46 // Strength
Week 47 // Soul
Week 48 // Song Title
Week 49 // Wonderful Journey (Lyrical)
Week 50 // Icon Royale
Week 51 // Happy
Week 52 // Summer
Week 53 // Return
Week 54 // Youth
Week 55 // Opposite
Week 56 // Manga
Week 57 // Anime
Week 58 // Memory/Remember
Week 59 // My Only Hope (Lyrical)
Week 60 // Vivid Colors
Week 61 // Light
Week 62 // Journey
Week 63 // Future
Week 64 // 'Til Kingdom Come Lyrics
Week 65 // Lovely
Week 66 // Follow
Week 67 // Betray
Week 68 // Brighter than Sunshine (Lyrics)
Week 69 // Death
Week 70 // Wonderful
Week 71 // Peace
Week 72 // One Word
Week 73 // Alive
Week 74 // Movie Title
Week 75 // Past Icons
Week 76 // Stay
Week 77 // "It is You (I Have Loved)" Lyrics
Week 78 // Trust
Week 79 // Love
Week 80 // "If I Never Knew You" (Lyrics)
Week 81 // Faceless
Week 82 // Destiny
Week 83 // Future
Week 84 // Two Words
Week 85 // Dream
Week 86 // Fight
Week 87 // Night
Week 88 // Fairy-tale
Week 89 // Pure
Week 90 // True
Week 91 // Believe
Week 92 // Fantasy
Week 93 // "Hanging By a Moment" Lyrics
Week 94 // Osuwari!
Week 95 // Grace
Week 96 // Innocence
Week 97 // Anime Promo **medli
Week 98 // Blue
Week 99 // Textless

** Banners for starred themes are in progress.


(If you'd like your link added, let us know)